Lee’s Discount Liquor just lost my business


Winewench and I were out doing some shopping, and while we were at Sam’s Club I decided to pick up some Bailey’s Irish Cream. Sam’s Club had the one liter bottle available for $20.99. Being the prudent shopper that I am, I decided to whip out my trusty iPhone and check the price over at Total Wine’s Summerlin store. Lo and behold, they were advertising the same bottle for $18.97.

Since we were going to Lee’s to pick up tickets for the 2010 Lee’s Beer Experience, I figured I’d check out their claim that they would price match any local advertiser’s price.

When we got to Lee’s, the first thing I noticed was that the same one liter bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream was $25.99!! Time for the test.

Now Lee’s is not known for their friendly customer service. Every time I go, the employees are grumpy at best, and often just plain rude. This time it tended to the latter. When I asked about the price match policy, he said “you need to show me proof”. When I showed him the Summerlin Total Wine website pricelist, his response was “you have to show me a print copy with today’s date on it.” All the while I’m standing there with a shopping cart with about $200 worth of Beer, Wine and Liquor.

“Fair enough” I said “I’ll let you put all of this back while I go to Total Wine.”

And I did.

So from now on, when Lee’s has a beer or wine experience, I’ll go and taste their wares.

And then buy what I like from Total Wine.

...And This Is Why We Drink™

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