At the airport, Why Do People…

I recently had to go out of town on business and just couldn’t help but put this list together.

At the airport and on the plane, Why do people…

keep on walking to the back of the plane when the flight attendant keeps on announcing that the flight is full and to grab a seat wherever they can find one.

try to shove a trunk into the overhead compartment. Then when the flight attendant comes by because the door won’t close, act as if the luggage isn’t theirs.

still line up 10 minutes early for a Southwest flight when you board in numerical order.

stop as soon as they get off the flight, blocking the rest of the deplaning passengers.

think they can push your arm off the arm rest when they’re the last person to sit down.

think that only other people should be allowed 2 carry-on’s when they have 4.

think that just because they throw a hissy fit, they should be allowed to board first.

sitting at the gate, think it’s o.k. to keep their luggage on the seat next to them while other people are standing or sitting on the floor.

jump up as soon as the plane stops at the gate. Where do they think they’re going, the fast lane to the front?

Sure I missed some so let me know and I’ll post them.

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