We’re Doomed…

The Courthouse where I work is having some re-modeling / reconstruction done to the main entry and foyer. Yesterday there was required ceiling repair required right by the main entry doors, which required sheetrockers to work on very tall ladders. I had to stand out by the entry to prevent people entering the building from taking a shortcut under the ladders on which the workers were standing.

We finally decided that it might be better to lock the doors near the work, which necessitated locking three of the four doors. While this prevented people entering the building from walking under the ladders, it did not stop people trying to exit the building from walking under the ladders. So I still had to stand there and direct the people to exit through the one unlocked door.

But wait!! There’s more!! Fully one in five people attempting to enter the building would end up trying the open the three locked doors, and then give up and walk away without trying the fourth unlocked door, even as they saw people exiting through that door.


...And This Is Why We Drink™

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