Soft-Serve Beer Foam By Japanese Brewery Kirin Now Available In Tokyo

From The Huffington Post
The hottest new discovery in the beer world may actually be frozen.
That’s because a team of inventors at the Japanese brewing giant Kirin have figured out how to create frozen foam and dispense it on top of a beer like soft-serve ice cream, reported.
The innovation has chilling implications for the beer industry, as […] […]

Drink Red Wine, Stop Fat Cells?

From Everyday Health
Researchers have identified a compound in red wine and some foods that can stop growth of fat cells. But does that mean you can booze to lose fat?
By Annie Hauser, Senior Editor
THURSDAY, April 5, 2012 — Red wine has long been prized for its heart-boosting benefits and potential protection against diseases such as […] […]

More Drunken Fruit Flies…

By Jennifer Welsh

updated 2/16/2012 1:43:51 PM ET

Fruit flies can apparently out-drink Frank the Tank and not get sick from alcohol poisoning. Now researchers have found this fraternity-party ability may save flies from a gory death.
The results showed that drunk fruit-fly larvae turned the tables by killing wasp parasites in their bloodstream, essentially causing the parasite’s organs […] […]

Cocoa Mole

Had New Belgium’s latest Lips of Faith release Cocoa Mole on tap at Khoury’s, and I really enjoyed it. Lots of chocolate and roast, with a nice spicy finish.
…And This Is Why We Drink™ […]

My Top 10 Beers – 2011

Everybody else seems to be doing a top 10 list, so here’s mine. These are not necessarily the beers I drink all the time, but if I had to pick 10 to drink for the rest of my life, these would be them (at least for this year…):

10. Brew Dog Old World IPA Brewed exclusively […] […]