Still More Drunken Fruit Flies…

Drunken flies get hypersexual
Chronic boozing sends male flies chasing after any and every potential mate.
Heidi Ledford

Fruit flies get amorous under the influence of constant booze.GETTY
From the annals of insect biology comes a cautionary tale for those recovering from their post-New Year’s celebration: heavy boozing has been shown to send male fruitflies, like their human counterparts, […] […]

More Drunken Fruit Flies…

By Jennifer Welsh

updated 2/16/2012 1:43:51 PM ET

Fruit flies can apparently out-drink Frank the Tank and not get sick from alcohol poisoning. Now researchers have found this fraternity-party ability may save flies from a gory death.
The results showed that drunk fruit-fly larvae turned the tables by killing wasp parasites in their bloodstream, essentially causing the parasite’s organs […] […] – Beer Foam Is Sexy

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…And This Is Why We Drink™ […]