A Steaming Pile of Shit

A steaming pile of shit allowed his dog (I’m assuming it’s a he, although nowadays it’s possible that it’s a she) walked his dog onto my front yard, and allowed it to shit not just on my yard, but on one of the rock arrangements:
…And This Is Why We Drink™ […]

This is why you lock your cars…

Some local turds were in the neighborhood, and hit several vehicles. Notice that one was carrying a baseball bat. This video has been turned over to the local police for further investigation…
…And This Is Why We Drink™ […]

Crazy Biatch

So Wine Wench was getting onto the freeway the other day, when this sight passed by:
Every time the car stopped, the chair was rocking back and forth, Blondie, completely oblivious, proceeded to cut Wine Wench off, and get on the freeway.
Once on the freeway, Wine Wench stayed well back of the impending disaster, while Blondie […] […]

At the airport, Why Do People…

I recently had to go out of town on business and just couldn’t help but put this list together.
At the airport and on the plane, Why do people…
keep on walking to the back of the plane when the flight attendant keeps on announcing that the flight is full and to grab a seat wherever they […] […]

Toilet Talk

Why do some people think it’s O.K. to answer and talk on the phone in public restroom stalls?  How come when they answer they don’t tell their dear friend exactly what they’re doing?  No, “Hi Jane!  Sure I have some time, I’m in the toilet at Joe’s bar and still have some business to finish […] […]