At the airport, Why Do People…

I recently had to go out of town on business and just couldn’t help but put this list together.
At the airport and on the plane, Why do people…
keep on walking to the back of the plane when the flight attendant keeps on announcing that the flight is full and to grab a seat wherever they […] […]

Don’t believe all Traveler’s Reviews!

Just back from a 2 week beer crawl with The Great American Beer Fest in Denver, Colorado being the main event. When traveling we rent vacation homes as we like to bring our dog. In the past we’ve always found great houses, but not this time.
It started with finding out the day before we left, […] […]

Airfare Boogie-woogie

Have you ever tried to book a flight and keep chasing the cheep airfare. It is so close to what you want but the time to leave or the time to come home is off and you know you’ll get stuck in an airport for 10 hours. Well this has been my task for the […] […]

For Your Ears Only

I’ve been on a travel mode for work and flying almost every other week. I was in the airport waiting the normal 2 hour time for the airplane to check-in.

Across the way a young woman was talking on her cell phone against the big glass windows. There were several people in the area where […] […]

Vacation – NOT

Not So Much of a Vacation

Working a long and tiring 6 months my friend in Dallas called and said “Come and spend the 4th of July with us, we miss you so much and we can drink all we want”. We booked our flight and didn’t even have to pay for the second bag […] […]